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Just a little info on me. Hawaii born and raised on the Big Island in the town of Hilo. I have always loved sports whether it be playing or watching. Being a hyperactive kid my mom and dad got me into kendo (art of Japanese sword fighting), karate and t-ball. Being too hard headed I never lasted more than a year in any of them. However I still continued to play various sports just for fun with friends. Played some baseball, got into power-lifting, but my favorite sport to play was basketball. Unfortunately by the time I hit my 30s I started to develop degeneration of the discs in my back and had to stop playing any sports. Around the same time period I opened up sportscard shop in Hilo. This was a way that I could be involved in sports without suffering any pain. However, due to the decline in the sportscard hobby and economy I had to close up the business.

On a positive note I met my future wife, Miranda, through the card shop. I was looking for a part-time employee when Miranda came in to apply. If you had told either one of us that we would be married to each other in a little over a year we would have both laughed at you. Needless to say we grew closer in the months to come. 26 years later we are still happily married..

My involvement with sports did not end with the card shop. In 2006 my wife helped me to start R&M Sports Images to take sports action photos in the East Side of the Big Island. The business grew to taking photos at high school sporting events, working for the local university as well a short stint with the local newspaper. In recent years I have reduced the amount of games that I photograph due to my health, but I still keep at it..

In June of 2011 we got ourselves a sweet and adorable Australian Shepherd. Being that she was overly active, she was always getting into something mischievous. We decided to enroll her in an agility class in October 2011 and seeing how much she enjoyed the class and the obstacle course, we started to train her for competition. For us winning doesn't matter at all, just as long as our little girl has fun at it. Oh yeah, her name is Azumi, which came from a 2006 Japanese movie about a samurai warrior princess. We already knew that she was going to be our little Princess, but we wanted her to have the determination and the spirit of a warrior. Watching Azumi on the field we can see her spirit and determination, now we are working to guide her fighting spirit in the right direction..

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